Artificial intelligence simply means replicating human intelligence and capacity by machines like computer systems   Some examples of Artificial Intelligence(AI) includes: Maps and Navigation, Facial Detection and Recognition, Text Editors or Autocorrect, Search and Recommendation Algorithms, Chatbots(e.g ChatGpt), Digital Assistants, Social Media and E-Payments   It may sound like a far-fetched idea but there are many people who believe that artificial intelligence might replace programmers in the not-so-distant future. Let's talk about this possibility and see the debate if and when it would be possible.   Depending on who you ask, we're either a few years away or a few decades away from an AI revolution. Artificial Intelligence, or AI is being integrated into more and more industries all across the world. Therefore, many people envisage that in the next ten(10) to fifteen(15) years time Artificial Intelligence would have taken over every single programming job

The Importance of Professional Livestreaming

  Professional livestreaming offers a number of advantages over social media videos. It provides an opportunity to present all your best selves in the most perfect, polished way through the power of technology. Livestreaming also opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs to go live and share their expertise and knowledge with potential customers while they're chatting with them one-on-one. Furthermore, it's a great way for professionals to teach students or conduct teaching sessions remotely, as well as share their experiments or lab results in real time with other scientists who might be watching in different locations around the world. Another great significance of professional livestreaming is that it can be shared to a wider audience as an educational tool–probably the most powerful live streaming app on the market. It's also an excellent marketing tool to grow your organization's brand. What is Professional Livestreaming?  Professional Livestreaming simply means tra